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A Message from Traci Hjelt Sullivan, Interim Executive Director

Traci Hjelt Sullivan, Interim Executive Director

Traci Hjelt Sullivan, Interim Executive Director

“Almost a decade ago, I left Pendle Hill after four years as a resident staff spouse.  What a delight it is to return as Interim Executive Director! Outgoing Executive Director Jen Karsten and I overlapped for a few days, and I so appreciate her generously sharing her time and insights. I invite you to read Jen’s departing message expressing gratitude for her years here and celebrating the milestones accomplished by Pendle Hill staff, board, and donors during the past nine years.

After less than a week, what is most remarkable to me is the dedication of Pendle Hill staff.  As a previous director of a conference center, I appreciate the complexity of serving the many guests who pass through Pendle Hill each week.  Our staff is diligent and very competent, and the warmth in the community shows that colleagues appreciate working together.  What a joy to step into an organization that models teamwork and where each staff person understands that they contribute to providing opportunities every day for spiritual and transformational work – within our short-term programs, within groups using our facilities, and by sojourners and scholars alike.

You may wonder how I ended up here in this interim position.  I recently completed 13 years working for Friends General Conference in Philadelphia, first as the coordinator of the FGC Gathering and later as associate secretary for development.  Before moving to the Philadelphia area, for many years my husband Walter and I directed the Ben Lomond Quaker Center, a Quaker conference and retreat center in northern California. Throughout my career, I have helped individuals and communities foster opportunities for spiritual growth. I look forward to continuing to do so at Pendle Hill.” —Traci Hjelt Sullivan