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April 2016 E-newsletter

Online learning opportunities; Climate Justice conference; “Living Building” site cleared

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E-newsletter | April 2016

Quaker Studies Online: A New Pendle Hill Initiative

Not everyone can make it to Pendle Hill's campus for lectures, weekend workshops, short courses, conferences, or summer institutes. Over the last year, we have therefore experimented with expanding our reach by live streaming campus lectures and adding significant elements of online distance learning to our multi-month Radical Faithfulness program in spiritual activism and faith-based organizing.

Given the success of these efforts over the last twelve months, we are now ready to launch Quaker Studies Online, which will complement our on-campus programs by offering an increasing number of all-online courses in Quaker faith, practice, and history. Our first all-online course in the Quaker Studies Online series will be "Exploring the Quaker Way," a ten-week course starting in June.
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A Pendle Hill conference

Powerful Faith-Based Organizing for Climate Justice
June 16-19, 2016

For many, the call to climate justice and protecting Earth as our common home is a paramount moral challenge of our time. Pope Francis, the Dali Lama, and other world religious leaders have increasingly raised their voices to proclaim the urgency of addressing climate disruption. Awakening to that call, more and more people of faith are responding to the climate crisis with action – from community organizing to solarize neighborhoods, to lobbying state government to forestall fracking, to engaging in nonviolent direct action to halt building of the Keystone XL pipeline. The dynamic interaction of these tactics will be crucial to end our global dependency on fossil fuels. Read more

Climate Justice Conference logo
Bill McKibben


Bill McKibben is an American environmentalist, author, and journalist who has written extensively on the impact of global warming. He will be responding via video to questions posed to him by faith leaders before the conference.

First Monday Lecture: Envisioning LGBTQ Rights in the Middle East

A lecture by Sa'ed Atshan
May 2, 2016 at 7:30pm in The Barn. Free and open to the public. This event will be streamed live over the Internet – registration available here.

The Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region is incredibly diverse – and its LGBTQ communities are just as heterogeneous. How does queer subjectivity differ across the region? What are the challenges to local and international LGBTQ rights organizing in the Middle East? What successes and advances have we witnessed over the past decade? While the case of Queer Palestine will serve as one case study, this lecture’s themes will also address the broader regional context. Read more

Way paved for "Living Building" challenge

Earlier this month, the buildings that comprised Cadbury Court were demolished. These were originally constructed in the 1960s as temporary housing and had outlasted their structural integrity. The "Living Building Challenge" Collaborative of Philadelphia selected this site for a Demonstration Project, one that engages local professionals in designing a building that will meet Pendle Hill's needs, and quality for "Living Building Certification."

In sadder news, another Pendle Hill landmark, Little Barn, was also razed to comply with OSHA standards and requirements. Farewell…

Cadbury Court demolition in progress


Daffodils (c) 2005 Shirley Dodson


$75,000 Challenge

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All new, increased, or renewed gifts to the Pendle Hill Annual Fund will be matched dollar-for-dollar during the $75,000 Challenge. Click here for more information.

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Featured Workshop

Tendering Body and Soul

Resting and seeking with Quaker healer John Calvi
May 20-22, 2016

Step away from the noise of the world into the blooming oasis of Pendle Hill. Relax your body and quiet your mind as the stillness slows your pace. Learn and experience basic clothes-on massage and laying-on-of-hands energy work for deep rest. Engage in a simple charting exercise that will bring you into touch with your own goodness in the ebb and flow of your life. And John will share excerpts from his new book, How Far Have You Travelled?, available later this year through QuakerBooksRead more

John Calvi
John Calvi is a certified massage therapist specializing in trauma and a Quaker healer with a spiritual gift for the release of physical and emotional pain. John has worked with inmates, sexual abuse survivors, people with AIDS, and tortured refugees from all continents in his 33-year career. He is also a gifted teacher and workshop and retreat leader.

Henry J. Cadbury, September 29, 1974
Henry J. Cadbury, making last-minute changes to what would be his final talk, "The Heritage of the Meeting House." 


Pendle Hill Rewind

Winter Term, 1958

An announcement for a course of lectures entitled "Sermon on the Mount" by Henry Cadbury appeared in the winter 1958 edition of the Pendle Hill Bulletin. Vermont country doctor and non-Quaker Emily T. Wilson describes (in a December 1974 Friends Journal article) how she first arrived at Pendle Hill "seeking direction for an uncertain future" on the strength of that announcement, and was "astonished that first Monday evening at the eager throng who filled the Barn to capacity." Read more

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