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Balance at Pendle Hill

October 2017
Jen Karsten, Executive DirectorOver recent decades, Pendle Hill had financial struggles most years. In greater and lesser degrees, we did not evenly match our annual income and expenses, and would often draw on reserves at the end of the year to cover our overages.

To change that pattern, in 2012 we committed to a five-year plan to achieve financial health and last year, according to plan, we closed the year with a balanced budget. How great! We were able to fully apply all six of the bequest gifts we received to capital improvements last year. We have also been able to put money back into endowment in recent years. These are all signs of the financial strength that we worked to achieve. Concurrently, an expanding range of Quaker and Quaker-curious people have been visiting here, and several dozen new groups seek us out each year, too (other religions, artists, organizers, student groups, and coalitions). We learn about them and they learn about Quakerism, all of us joined in curiosity about each other and ways that we respond to the world around us.

This September, we are beginning our second balanced budget year. From this stronger position, we can even more fully live into our mission to be “a Quaker center welcoming all for Spirit-led learning, retreat, and community”, and reach toward our vision to “create Peace with Justice in the world by transforming lives.”

Electric Vehicle charging stationProjects to better reflect our values are already underway (adding more ADA ramps and accessible facilities, gender neutral and family-friendly bathrooms, electric-car chargers; hosting even more frequent conferences and workshops on key matters like climate, racial, and economic justice).

Along with this message of good news, we offer our thanks to all the people who lent ideas, knowledge, prayer, patience, and experience over the decades. As a long-standing and widening community, Pendle Hill has been able to improve our financial condition, stay true to our mission, and make ourselves accessible by drawing on everyone’s gifts. Our planning process included soliciting and listening deeply to as many voices as possible; carefully making our way through hard decisions, and setting high goals that reflected our values. Current and former staff and Board members, students, volunteers, foundations and consultants, we know that we could not have reached our goals without your truth-telling and service. Thank you!


Jennifer Karsten,

Executive Director