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Pendle Hill thanks our outgoing Board clerk, Clinton Pettus

Pendle Hill wishes to express heartfelt gratitude to Clinton Pettus for his years of service to Pendle Hill, as a… Learn More

Mary Wood, longtime Friend of Pendle Hill, dies at 88

Mary A. Wood, 88, died on September 21, 2014. A resident of Kendal at Longwood, Mary was a life-long and… Learn More

Introducing our 2014-2015 Cadbury Scholar, Jeff Dudiak

I am from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where I am a philosophy professor at the King’s University.  I have a poet… Learn More

A message from the Executive Director

September/October 2014 Dear Friend, What an inspiring time it is to worship, work, and study at Pendle Hill. The leaves… Learn More