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Greetings from Gretchen Hall, Pendle Hill’s new Clerk of the Board

For a Quaker institution celebrating 84 years, Pendle Hill is remarkably agile, innovative, and visionary. Grounded in Friends values and… Learn More

The Center for Courage & Renewal honors Pendle Hill with its Medallion of Integrity

Pendle Hill was presented with a Medallion of Integrity by the Center for Courage & Renewal Facilitators Carol Kortsch and… Learn More

Pendle Hill thanks our outgoing Board clerk, Clinton Pettus

Pendle Hill wishes to express heartfelt gratitude to Clinton Pettus for his years of service to Pendle Hill, as a… Learn More

Mary Wood, longtime Friend of Pendle Hill, dies at 88

Mary A. Wood, 88, died on September 21, 2014. A resident of Kendal at Longwood, Mary was a life-long and… Learn More