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Kairos: Silence, Contemplation, and Scripture

Aug 20-23, 2020
A spiritual retreat (via Zoom) with Francisco Burgos based on the monastic practice of worshiping, working, and studying while experiencing the dynamic of solitude and community living.

Kairos (καιρός) is an ancient Greek noun describing an opportune and decisive moment, a combination of time and place that… Learn More

Divine Exploration: A Spiritual Journey for Women

Sep 18-20, 2020
An online “playshop” with Saundra Gilliard

Take a sacred journey through the feminine aspects of the Divine. Learn how to use storytelling, play, art, and meditation… Learn More

Opening to the Heart of Worship

Dec 4-6, 2020
A weekend workshop with Christopher Sammond

This workshop will focus on practical skills that will enhance our ability to enter into deep, transformative worship. We will… Learn More