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A Contemplative Nature

Mar 4 - Jun 12, 2017

Photography by John Holliger
Tree Rooms Gallery

Reception: March 5, 2-4pm,
Artist Talk: June 8, 7:30-9pm, The Barn

Free and open to the public

Pictured: "The Path"

Artist’s Statement

In that ancient time when humans moved with the rhythms of nature, we knew we lived in a Garden that was enchanted with mystery and Beauty. Every year at the same time the migrating cranes flew out of the morning fog and landed in the meadows before us. We sensed that we, the cranes, the wetlands, the fog, were all part of something infinitely larger than what we were observing. This is the origin of the word “contemplative.”

“A Contemplative Nature” is a collection of moments in nature, moments of wonder & rhythm, lovely chaos and glimpses of wholeness, often stumbled upon, noticed out of the corner of an attentive eye, a surprise and a gift—for us to contemplate their meaning and ours.

When the cranes fly out of the fog and land in the wetlands before dawn, it is a mystery where they have come from and unknown where they will land next. To be present at dawn and wait, attentive to the mystery of what unfolds in the new day, fills me with contentment, and a solitude I cherish. My joy is to bring back these moments for you.  ~ John Holliger

Artist’s Bio

John HolligerJohn Holliger comes alive walking the Lake Erie shore, slogging through wetlands, learning the habitats of forests in Ohio, the stories the rocks are telling, watching the movement from starry nights to the first light of day. A graduate of Oberlin College and Yale Divinity School, John is an Episcopal priest who served parishes in Connecticut and Ohio. Laying down that work at 58, John is a self-taught nature photographer with an animated curiosity for how potters, painters, poets, and classic photographers approach their art — always on the creative edge, taking risks, asking “What”s next?”

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