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A Quaker Theological Ecosystem Workshop

Oct 1-3, 2021

A weekend workshop with Christy Randazzo via Zoom.
Friday at 7:30pm through Sunday at noon, Eastern Time (US & Canada).

Pricing (Sliding Scale Registration)
Subsidized Fee: $85
Basic Fee: $100
Fee Plus: $115

If you are seeking financial assistance to participate in this program, please click on the link for our Financial Assistance Application form, below. Do NOT register online.

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A Quaker Theological Ecosystem (weekend workshop)

Is there a uniquely “Quaker” approach to theology, and if so, what is it?

Many Quakers often “do” their theology, developing their knowledge and understanding of the Divine through all aspects of their lives. This dance between Quakers, the Divine, and the world results in a richly textured theology birthed from experience and visible as the fruits of one’s life and decisions. Quaker theology is thus organic, vibrant, and alive, with multiple elements all in interdependent relationship with each other, none of which are more essential or of greater priority than the others. Quaker theology, therefore, is an ecosystem.

In this workshop – building off themes first explored in the First Monday lecture in August, 2021, where I explored this question through the lens of the Liberal, unprogrammed tradition of Quakerism – we’ll explore Quaker theology through the framework of an ecosystem, seeing how the seemingly chaotic and disorganized nature of Quaker theology actually becomes a beautiful symphony. We’ll explore this complex approach to theology in our lives, hopefully leaving with a clearer picture of the roots of our own theological beliefs and the ways that these beliefs have borne fruit in our spiritual lives.


Friday, October 1: 7:30pm-9pm
Saturday, October 2: 9:30am-noon (break mixed in), 1pm-2:30pm, 4pm-5:30pm, 7:30pm-9:00pm
Sunday, October 3: 9:30am-noon (break mixed in)


Christy Randazzo (pronouns: they/them) is a convinced Friend and a member of Haddonfield Friends Meeting in Haddonfield, NJ, USA. Christy is a theologian and teacher, whose work has been engaged in bridging the divide between the contemplative nature of theological writing with the active, lived theology of congregational life.

Christy teaches at both Montclair State University (New Jersey, USA) and the University of St. Joseph (Connecticut, USA), where they offer courses on religious peacemaking, introduction to religious studies, and the intersections between theology and peace work. They have also done ministry across multiple religious communities in diverse settings, including youth and young adult ministry, chaplaincy, and religious education at both the high school and university level, social ministries amongst unhoused populations, and peacemaking in situations of ethno-religious conflict.

They have written in a variety of both academic and popular settings, including the Quaker biblical studies series Illuminate, the Politics of Scripture project for the Journal of Political Theology (which they also help edit), two books for the Brill Quaker Studies series, and an upcoming book for Bloomsbury/T&T Clark, Quaker Theological Ecosystems: A Quaker Constructive Theology. They have earned several degrees in theology, including an MA in general theology from St. Mary’s Seminary and University, an MPhil in Reconciliation Theology from Trinity College Dublin, and a PhD in Quaker theology from the University of Birmingham.

Financial aid may be available. If you are seeking funds to participate in this program, click to review and complete our Financial Assistance Application and a Pendle Hill staff member will follow-up with you shortly (please do NOT register online). Thank you for your interest.

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