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Being & Belonging in Beloved Community

Dec 2, 2019

An evening with Rev. Dr. Joni Carley
Free and open to the public (registration requested).

7:30pm-9:00pm in the Barn.

Live streaming will be available to registrants.

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610-566-4507, ext. 137

The world is interdependently co-arising – our personal and local well-being is inextricably interwoven with everyone’s everywhere. We are all global citizens who long for happiness, wellness, and beloved belonging. How can we weave our “single garment of destiny” into the lives we want to live and the world we want to live in?

We’ll explore:

  • Global citizenship – the rights and responsibilities for every sentient being to thrive;
  • The primal pulse of God – using the lens of metaphysics, the science of being and causality, to reveal how beloved community is sourced by a life pulse that’s unique in each and common to all, “that of God in everyone;”
  • Alchemy – the role of consciousness in causing a compassionate and just world; and
  • Social transformation – raising commons consciousness.

"Being & Belonging in Beloved Community" with Rev. Dr. Joni Carley


Dr. Joni Carley, author of The Alchemy of Power, applies her expertise in values-driven leadership and cultural development with the private sector and at the United Nations, where her activities include Vice Chair of the Coalition for Global Citizenship 2030, and Advisor and Senior Fellow at Nonviolence International New York. Her consulting, speaking, research, writing, and facilitation reflect her doctorate in “The Reinvention of Work,” certifications in coaching and cultural consulting, ordainment in inter-spiritual ministry, and her path-of-many-paths journey around the globe exploring keys to human potential and cultural transformation.

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