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Gardening Apprenticeship Sessions

Mar 23 - Oct 26, 2017

4 Sessions of 4 Thursdays, 10am to 4pm, lunch included. With Ben Weiss.
Sliding scale pricing:
Full Cost per session: $200
Subsidized Cost per session: $160
Full Cost Plus per session: $240

If you are seeking financial assistance to participate in this program, call 610-566-4507, ext. 137. Do NOT register online.

Click the link(s) below to register

610-566-4507, ext. 137

>>> Session 1: March 23, April 6, April 20, and May 4 <<<
>>> Session 2: May 11, May 25, June 8, and June 22 <<<
>>> Session 3: June 29, July 6, July 20, and August 3 <<<
>>> Session 4: September 14, September 28, October 12, and October 26 <<<

Gardening Apprenticeship Sessions
Benjamin Weiss will lead groups of from three to eight apprentices in a series of four apprenticeship days at Pendle Hill on alternate Thursdays starting in March and continuing through October. Register for as many sessions as you wish.

Apprentices will have the opportunity to work in a large, highly functional market-style garden that provides produce to the Pendle Hill kitchens as well as herbs for Susquehanna Apothecary. Apprentices will participate in routine maintenance of the gardens, greenhouse, and hoop-house. They will learn about different sustainable agricultural styles, including synergistic and bio-intensive. They will learn about growing a wide variety of foods and medicinal herbs. This is an excellent opportunity for beginners with a serious interest, for experienced gardeners who want to learn more about growing plants professionally, or for professionals interested in learning small-scale intensive production techniques.

Minimum of 3 students per session; maximum of 8.

Work gloves and tools provided. Lunch is included for each work day.


Benjamin Weiss is a certified permaculture teacher and designer. He has managed three small sustainable farms, including an urban farm. He also forages professionally and has been studying and practicing herbalism for twelve years. Ben is well versed in various intensive agricultural styles including John Jeavons’ bio-intensive, Emelia Hazelip’s synergistic, and Masanobu Fukuoka’s natural farming. He has also been heavily influenced by the works of Elliot Coleman, and Growing Power’s Will Allen. Ben also has years of experience with orchard crops, forest gardening, and growing medicinal plants. He runs his own business, Susquehanna Permaculture, which includes an herbal apothecary with products made from wild-crafted plants and specializing in the treatment of Lyme Disease.

Travel directions to Pendle Hill. Click to view the flyer.