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The Healthiest Forest – Biodiversity and Old-Growth

May 1, 2017

A First Monday lecture by Joan Maloof
Free and open to the public (registration requested).

7:30pm-9:00pm in the Barn.

Live streaming will be available to registrants.

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610-566-4507, ext. 137

How can we save the Earth? Specifically, how can we stop the downward spiral of the Earth’s forests? Joan Maloof has considered this question from the viewpoint of a scientist, a teacher, an author, an activist, and most recently a nonprofit director. In this gathering for tree lovers she will share stories from her journey. She will also describe results from studies that show why unmanaged forests have more biodiversity than managed forests. Finally she will discuss the Old-Growth Forest Network, a young organization that is quickly making a positive difference in saving old-growth forests for future generations.


Joan Maloof is Founder and Director of the Old-Growth Forest Network, a nonprofit organization creating a network of forests across the US that will remain forever unlogged and open to the public ( She is a Professor Emeritus at Salisbury University in Maryland, where she founded the Environmental Studies program, and has experienced many of this nation’s old-growth forests firsthand. Maloof is the author of three forest related books: Teaching the Trees: Lessons from the Forest, Among the Ancients: Adventures in the Eastern Old-Growth Forests, and most recently, Nature’s Temples: The Complex World of Old Growth Forests. Signed copies of Nature’s Temples will be available for purchase after the talk.

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