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Listening, Learning, and Expanding Community: What I’ve Learned from Teaching Quaker Studies and African American Religious Studies

Oct 3, 2022

An Online First Monday Lecture with Stephen Angell
7:30pm - 9pm Eastern Time (US & Canada) via Zoom.

Free to the public! Registration required.

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In the realm of scholarship, Stephen W. Angell has engaged the fields of Quaker Studies and African American Religious Studies, separately and in tandem, as in Black Fire: African American Quakers on Spirituality and Human Rights (QuakerPress of FGC, 2011), which he co-edited with Dr. Hal Weaver and the late Paul Kriese. In this lecture, Stephen will address important learnings from his engagement with these two wonderful, rich, vital, and momentous areas of studies during more than three decades of teaching. He will also offer informed thoughts as to how the Religious Society of Friends might move forward at the present moment to be more welcoming to and inclusive of all seekers and finders of the Spirit of God.


Since 1990, Stephen Angell has taught religious studies at two institutions of higher education. From 1990 to 2001, he taught students at a predominantly Black university, Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, where the course he most frequently offered was Black Religion in America. Since 2001, he has taught at Earlham School of Religion, where he teaches a variety of Quaker Studies courses as well as American Religious History.

Stephen is the Leatherock Professor of Quaker Studies at the Earlham School of Religion. He is an author, or co-author, of The Oxford Handbook of Quaker Studies (2013); Cambridge Companion to Quakerism (2018); Black Fire: African American Quakers on Spirituality and Human Rights (QuakerPress of FGC, 2011); The Quakers, 1830-1937: The Creation of Modern Quaker Diversity (forthcoming); and of numerous other books. Among many other commitments, he has been a member of the Pendle Hill board and co-chair of the Afro-American Religious Studies Unit of the American Academy of Religion (1997-2000). He is a member of the Oxford Friends Meeting in Ohio and lives in Richmond, Indiana, with his wife, Sandra Ward-Angell, and two cats, Rosie and Pippin.

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