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Painting on Clay with the Spirit Within

Dec 9, 2017

John Margerum
9:30am - 4:00pm

$139, includes lunch.

** NB: No overnight accommodations accompany this reservation. **

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610-566-4507, ext. 137

Are you new to working in clay? Afraid you won’t know where to begin, or worried that it’s too difficult, or concerned that it demands skills that would take you years to develop? The truth is that you already know what you need to know to get started. We all have a creative spirit whose expression only needs the opportunity to take the first step. This workshop will engage skills and perceptions that you’ve gained from diverse experiences, and put them in service of your creativity. You will create a beautiful abstract painting on clay using the transfer of colored clay slips from paper, integrated with textures applied from a variety of everyday items.

We will walk through the process of creating a free formed clay slab, from contemplation of the design to the execution of rapid and simple techniques for shaping and painting on clay.

Bring your whole self to this fun and stimulating workshop, ready to risk, discover, and build confidence in your creative nature. All are welcome, with or without previous experience working in clay or in painting. You can choose to create a painting that is suitable for framing or to form a platter from your painting, either of which will be fired with a clear glaze which will magnify inlaid colors.

NB: Pendle Hill will fire your pieces sometime in December. You will be notified when you can come to collect them.


John MargerumJohn Margerum is a Friend-in-Residence at Pendle Hill. He has been a professional artist and potter for over 46 years. His work is in collections the world over. During his career as a potter he made over 55,000 vessels. He is also a professional painter and mixed-media artist. John has acquired over 300 national awards in both painting and ceramics. He has been teaching workshops and mentoring apprentices since 1979. A ninth generation Quaker, John is a member of Orlando Monthly Meeting (FL).

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