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Peace Dwells Here

Apr 27 - Jul 18, 2019

An exhibit of acrylic paintings by Bronwen Mayer Henry
Free and open to the public!

The Barn Gallery.

Artist's Talk & Reception: April 30, 2019, 7:30-9pm.

Pictured: Hope Blossoms (c) BMH


“When I paint trees something in me is quieted down, and I can hear a message about light and darkness, a message about balance, a message about being fully present to change and growth. I am reminded to be grounded and reaching toward the light. When I study a woodland scene I am reminded that like a forest, death and new life are alongside each other. I am reminded that imperfections are part of the beauty. I embrace the asymmetry, the leaning, the scars, and the letting go. I look for the light moving in unexpected ways. Following the seasons, I’m reminded to let go, begin again, be patient and feel the joy and pain of this moment, knowing it is moving and changing. Painting woodland scenes, paths, rivers, streams, I’m reminded that right here in this present moment is where peace dwells.” ~ Bronwen Mayer Henry

Bronwen Mayer HenryBronwen Mayer Henry is a contemporary painter specializing in trees and flowers, on large-scale canvases with acrylic paints. Her work is filled with movement, light, color, and a sense of freedom. It was an unexpected path through thyroid cancer that led Bronwen to commit time to painting. This beginning continues to be reflected in her large-scale work and playful approach to color. Her art is an expression of prayer, meditation, hope, and joy. She describes herself as “a person facing her fears with a brush, choosing joy over perfection.” She lives outside Philadelphia, PA, with her husband, two children, and King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.

Travel directions to Pendle Hill. Click to view the flyer. Click to view the Fall 2018-Winter 2019 Arts and Spirituality Programs brochure.