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A Quaker Artist’s Retrospective: The Works of John Margerum

Sep 2, 2017 - Jan 4, 2018

John Margerum
Barn Gallery
Reception: September 14, 7:30-9pm,

Free to attend. All are welcome!

Pictured: "Cows at Cockslease Farm."

A Continuing Journey through the Reinvention of a Creative Spirit.

My life has always been a following of Spirit. By trusting in leadings towards new media adventures, I have been fortunate to have had a successful career in painting, stoneware pottery, photography, digital fine art, abstract pastel painting, and mixed-media work. I am now a Friend-in-Residence at Pendle Hill. Coming here after 40-plus years of art shows and gallery displays has been a transitioning experience with an intention to immerse myself in Quakerism following an extremely energetic journey as a professional artist.

I refer to myself as a “Blue Collar Quaker,” having come from nine generations of Quaker farmers and stonemasons. As a child, I witnessed hard-working craftsmanship. This had a major influence on me and I spent a lifetime working to being my best self to the craft. My trust in God to provide all things necessary assured my success. This retrospective is a reflection on a small portion of my career, and I am delighted to show my work at Pendle Hill.” —John Margerum

John MargerumJohn Margerum is a Friend-in-Residence at Pendle Hill. A graduate of Indiana State University, he has been a professional artist and potter for 46 years. His work is in collections the world over and during his career as a potter he made over 55,000 vessels. He is also a professional painter and mixed-media artist and has acquired over 300 national awards in both painting and ceramics. John has been teaching workshops and mentoring apprentices since 1979. He was the owner of The Pottery Emporium in Oviedo, FL, a gallery for potters, and co-owner of Gallery 142 in Deland, FL, a multi-media gallery, for a total of 22 years. A ninth generation Quaker, John is a member of Orlando Monthly Meeting (FL).

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