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The Spring Term at Pendle Hill (2022)

Mar 1 - May 10, 2022

A Resident Study Program that supports personal and communal renewal, discernment, and action.
NB: This program is capped at 20 participants.

Program Fees: See below.

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Pendle Hill is committed to maintaining a safe environment in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of that effort, we require all guests of Pendle Hill to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. For more information about all guest requirements and the COVID-19 mitigating amenities Pendle Hill offers, see our COVID-19 Information page.

The Spring Term at Pendle Hill (2022)

Are you curious about your leadings in life?
Are you searching for meaning in your personal and communal journey?
Are you discerning how to embrace action with integrity and creativity?

The Spring Term is a ten-week resident student program based on the daily rhythm of worship, learning, and work that creates space for Spirit-led discernment, community, and guided study within the context of a spiritually-led Quaker community.

This resident study program provides an alternative and experiential adult education that aims to support the formation and renewal of the whole person. The simple framework of study, worship, and work in community offers participants a unique sanctuary in which to develop a deeper awareness of the Divine in daily life and of their own vocation in the world.

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We view education as a sacred trust. Classes are “meeting for learning,” where everyone is guided by, and led to, the Inner Teacher, and helped to build an engaged learning community. Our study is holistic, addressing many dimensions of life and balancing analytical, service-oriented, and inward approaches. Community life itself is part of the curriculum.


Meeting for Worship at Pendle HillDaily life at Pendle Hill is centered in our morning meeting for worship in the manner of Friends. This half-hour silent gathering may be enriched by spoken ministry as the Spirit moves those present. In this expectant listening for God, people of diverse faiths often find that Divine Presence which binds all life together.

We welcome worship at other time as well – before meals, at classes, at moments for silent contemplation – setting a quiet rhythm for community life.


At Pendle Hill, everyone shares in the work of the household. As a member of the Spring Term program, you will contribute to clean up, help care for public space as well as your own room, and join in specific group projects. Work is assigned appropriately for individual abilities, and your total commitment will require about 15 hours per week. Some work areas include gardening, hospitality and housekeeping, grounds and maintenance, and the library.

In general, the Spring Term offers three main courses. Each course last between two to three consecutive weeks and are focused on several areas including:

  • Arts and Spirituality
  • Biblical Studies
  • Practical Discernment
  • Faith in Action, Prophetic Witness, and Social Concerns
  • Quakerism
  • Religious Thought and Spiritual Practice

Courses are led by a seasoned faculty team that bring a deep experience in practice, teaching, and providing mutual accompaniment in personal and communal process. The 2022 Spring Term will have the following main and optional courses:

Discerning Our Calls with Marcelle Martin
"Holding One Another in the Light" (PHP #382)As we seek greater clarity about how the Spirit is calling us to live and work at this time, we will practice methods of spiritual discernment. The class will learn about leadings, the nature of a call, and being attentive to guidance that comes both from within and through others or outward events. Using Quaker tools of discernment, such as the clearness committee and faithfulness groups, as well as practices from other traditions, we will sort through our various motivations in search of those that are divinely inspired. Experiential exercises are designed to hone our skills in helping each other toward greater clarity and faithfulness. Sessions will include time for sharing with partners and small groups, as well as group discussion. During the course of the three-week term, each person will have the opportunity to be the focus of a faithfulness group session. We will support each other in going forward with renewed clarity and courage. Marcelle Martin is the author of Our Life is Love: The Quaker Spiritual JourneyA Guide to Faithfulness Groups, and three Pendle Hill pamphlets. The resident Quaker Studies teacher at Pendle Hill for four years, she leads workshops across the United States and is a core teacher for the nine-month program, “Nurturing Faithfulness.”

Quaker Faith & Practice: A Sustainable Life with Doug Gwyn
"A Sustainable Life" (book cover)Friends and others today seek a sustainable life on the earth. But what spiritual resources and material practices will sustain us in the work for sustainability? From their beginnings over 350 years ago, Friends have worked in various ways for a spiritually, socially, and environmentally sustainable life. This course will combine resources from Quaker tradition with our present-day concerns and insights, to find that living stream of faith and practice among us. We will examine Quaker spirituality, worship and ministry, methods of spiritual discernment, and social testimonies to discern that hidden wholeness. This course will draw upon Doug Gwyn’s book, A Sustainable Life: Quaker Faith & Practice in the Renewal of Creation (FGC Quaker Press, 2014).

Faith in Action with Eileen Flanagan
"Renewable" book coverWe are living at a time of overlapping social and ecological crises. Our work to address these issues can be greatly strengthened and deepened by spiritual practices. Through this participatory course, we will explore how to integrate strategic lessons from previous social change movements with discernment about how we are called to act, as well as how to manage our fears and grief over injustice and climate catastrophe. Whether you feel new to activism or consider yourself a veteran, whatever your primary issue, identity, or spiritual tradition, you will be a valued part of a learning community that seeks to practice the values we want to promote in the wider world. Eileen Flanagan has been a Pendle Hill Resident Teacher, a university lecturer on racism, clerk of Earth Quaker Action Team, and Trainings Coordinator for Choose Democracy, which trained 10,000 people in nonviolent strategies to prevent a coup in the lead up to the 2020 election. The award-winning author of three books, she tells the story of her leading to work on climate justice in Renewable: One Woman’s Search for Simplicity, Faithfulness, and Hope.

Other programs leaders include Peterson Toscano, Francisco Burgos, and more.

The program includes a series of lectures and weekend workshops that complement the main curriculum. As well, resident students may take two of the following optional workshops and retreats:

Opening the Heart to Worship with Christopher Sammond
Perfection of the Present Moment with Mary Grace Orr and Larissa Kitenko
People of Color Writing Workshop with Melchor Hall, Danie Ocean, and Joanne Daley
Quaker Wisdom School with Cynthia Bourgeault, Marcelle Martin, and Paulette Meier

The program will provide opportunities for spiritual direction and support.

Program Fees: Pendle Hill has applied scholarship funds to subsidize the program cost to a per student registration fee between $5,300 and $6,300. This amount includes housing, meals, and programing for 10 weeks. We encourage applicants to invite their family, friends, faith community, and other connections to support them in this endeavor.

Pendle Hill remains committed to making our programs accessible. If this program speaks to you but the cost is a barrier, please complete our Financial Assistance Application in addition to the Spring Term Application. General scholarships are available, as well as funding specifically allocated to encourage participation across race, gender identity, and orientation.

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