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Food Philosophy

granolaThe cooks at Pendle Hill see their job as a ministry of love and concern. We try to promote good health and a sense of well being by serving meals that are nutritionally balanced, using a limited amount of processed foods, especially those containing white flour, sugar, and salt.
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Dining Room

dining_room-150x100Eating together in community is an important part of life at Pendle Hill – a time for residents, staff, and visitors to gather in conversation and friendship in our community dining room.
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Pendle Hill Greenhouse Project

greenhouse1Our goal was to build a greenhouse ourselves from locally harvested, recycled, and non-toxic materials. It has a stone foundation, cob and strawbale walls, and posts from hardwood trees culled from Pendle Hill’s woods. This aesthetically pleasing low-tech building is functional, durable, and cheap to maintain.
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Organic Garden


Staff, residents, and student interns plant, care for, and harvest a wide variety of vegetables, which the cooks use in creating delicious meals for the Pendle Hill community. Our sustainably-built greenhouse allows us to start some plants indoors. We also have a hoop house which allows us to grow plants into the colder months. Work in the garden continues throughout the summer, when a variety of fruits and vegetables are grown.