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Gratitude to Shirley Dodson

Shirley Dodson
Wistfully, we bid farewell to Shirley Dodson, who leaves her employment with Pendle Hill after 22 years. Already at her new full-time position as development associate with Tyler Arboretum, Shirley’s final day as our pamphlets coordinator was September 30. A woman of many talents, Shirley has served us in a wide range of ways over the course of her career, first as a member of the Board of Trustees from 1995 to 1998.

Shirley began her employment with Pendle Hill in September 1998, and for four and half years served as the Director of Conferences and Retreats. In that position, she organized 60 workshops, week-long courses, retreats, and summer art programs each year; organized lecture series each year until 2001; co-taught the Quakerism course; planned and developed program marketing for all these events; and participated in long range strategic planning as a member of the administrative team.

From April 2004 through August of 2008, Shirley wore the Director of Marketing hat. She was responsible for the design and production of new marketing catalogs and succeeded in increasing program registrations.

Success there led her to be appointed Director of Communications in September 2004. In that position, which she held for 10 years, she managed the design, development, editing, and production of all Pendle Hill publications – catalogs, brochures, print ads, and publicity of all sorts. She directed the process of two major website redesigns, and organized and published the Pendle Hill e-newsletter each month. She created and managed our Facebook page and other social media, as well. Shirley also managed the Pendle Hill Bookstore and Publications, including evaluation of all manuscripts, hiring and supervision of copy editors, graphic designers, printers, and converting of many of our pamphlets to e-pubs for online sale.

After a reorganization, Shirley continued to manage Pendle Hill Publications, including evaluation and initial editing of all manuscripts; hiring and supervision of copy editors, graphic designers, and printers; and proofreading.

Throughout her career at Pendle Hill, Shirley was known as an incredibly diligent and dedicated worker, a faithful and committed community member, and a loyal and wise colleague who shared generously from her own experiences with other staff members who sought her advice. She will be missed as an employee, and we wish her all the best!

Chel AveryAs we say farewell to Shirley, we are happy to report that Chel Avery will be replacing her as pamphlets coordinator, starting the week of October 16. Chel first worked at Pendle Hill starting in January 1994, when she served as a resident life coordinator for four years, at the end of which she coordinated the Pendle Hill conference on Friends and the Vietnam War. Chel lives in Downingtown in Chester County and is a member of Goshen Monthly Meeting.  Since her time at Pendle Hill, Chel has served as director of the Quaker Information Center in Philadelphia and as manager of QuakerPress for Friends General Conference. Called to serve our strong pamphlets program, Chel returns to us from retirement.