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Firbank Library

Overlooking Pendle Hill’s open lawn space and organic garden, the Firbank Library spaces are perfect for large or small workshops and group discussions that require meeting space with breakout space for open dialogue. The Firbank Fireplace Room and Firbank Table Room can each be rented separately or combined. When renting the two spaces together a discount applies and the Firbank Chess Room is included at no additional cost.

Audio/visual equipment is available. All spaces are equipped with high-speed wifi.

Firbank Fireplace Room

Firbank Fireplace Room – click to enlarge

Fireplace Room (15 people)

The Firbank Fireplace Room is sunny and airy with French doors that open up onto an outdoor patio space. With comfortable seating for up to 20 people, the Fireplace Room is an ideal setting for casual discussion, group meditation practice, and counseling or healing workshops.

Table Room (16-30 people)

Table Room (standard setup) - click for detail

Table Room (standard setup) – click for detail

The Firbank Table Room can be set up to accommodate up to 16 people around a table or 30 people in a circle. The Table Room is ideal for board meetings, workshops, or study groups.

Table Room (board room style)

Table Room (board room style) – click to enlarge

Table Room (chairs in a circle)

Table Room (chairs in a circle) – click to enlarge

Firbank Chess Room

Firbank Chess Room – click to enlarge

Chess Room (6 people)

When renting both the Firbank Fireplace Room and the Firbank Table Room, the Firbank Chess Room is included as an additional breakout space for up to six people at no additional charge.