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What Pendle Hill Provides

Pendle Hill is committed to maintaining a safe environment in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of that effort, we require all guests of Pendle Hill to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. For more information about all guest requirements and the COVID-19 mitigating amenities Pendle Hill offers, see our COVID-19 Information page.

If you are interested in hosting an event at Pendle Hill, please contact the Conference Sales Coordinator at to check on availability, pricing, and to get the most updated information on pandemic-related requirements for conference groups.

Waysmeet room

Waysmeet room – click to enlarge

Our guest rooms are simply furnished with bed, desk, chair, and lamp. There is drawer space and closet space in each room. All rooms have windows that open and access to controls for heat and air conditioning. Most of our guest rooms share a bath with one or two other rooms. Bathrooms are family style, not dormitory style, and are a few steps from your bedroom door. Some rooms include a wash basin. We supply sheets, pillow, pillowcase, bedspread, blankets, towel, and washcloth. Liquid hand and body soap are available in bathrooms.

Each building where guests are housed includes a kitchen area with facilities for making tea and a small refrigerator. Some have a microwave oven. There are no facilities for guests to cook their own meals. Laundry facilities for guests are located in the basement of the Firbank building for guests staying on main campus, and in Brinton House for guests staying in that building only.

What to Bring

Please remember to bring face mask/s for the duration of your stay with us, personal toiletries, and an alarm clock if you need one. While disposable and non-disposable drinking vessels are available at all times, we encourage you to bring a reusable water bottle and/or thermos for your use, to help us maintain our testimonies of simplicity, sustainability, and care for the environment. We ask that you bring your own personal thermometer in order to monitor your temperature for any changes. Comfortable shoes work best, and dress on our campus is casual. A flashlight is helpful for walking at night. Don’t forget to pack an umbrella or rain gear.

A female black swallowtail butterfly (Papilio polyxenes) alights at Pendle Hill. Photo credit: E. Spina.

A female black swallowtail butterfly (Papilio polyxenes) alights at Pendle Hill. Photo credit: E. Spina.

Leave at Home or Restricted Use

We ask that the following products stay at home or be subject to restricted use at Pendle Hill:

  • Out of respect for those with allergies, we ask that you refrain from using scented grooming products – perfume, aftershave, hairspray, deodorant, lotions, etc. – while at Pendle Hill. If you typically use a strong perfume, you may need to wash these clothes before packing.
  • For the above reason – as well as to adhere to our fire codes – the use of incense and scented candles is also prohibited. Unscented candles may be used in some private meeting spaces rented by conference groups as needed for special occasions and must be monitored at all times while lit.
  • There are designated areas at Pendle Hill for smoking, marked by an ash tray. These can be found at the following locations:
    • Main House back porch;
    • Firbank patio (corner near Firbank lawn);
    • Barn entrance to reception;
    • Brinton House main parking lot entrance.

    We ask that all other areas remain smoke-free.

  • Alcohol is not served at Pendle Hill, and its consumption is prohibited in all shared public spaces and while walking on campus. Alcohol is permitted in individual guest rooms and in private meeting spaces rented by conference groups.