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Impressions of The Spring Term 2022

Resident Student body, Spring Term, 2022
May 10th marked the end of the 2022 Spring Term, which brought a fantastic cohort of resident students to campus for the first time in years. Our staff and facilitators had the pleasure of collaborating with them on projects and benefited immensely from the experience. Soon we will be opening the application process for the Spring Term of 2023 and we want to invite you to stay tuned and be ready for this unique learning community experience. As we look forward to welcoming and serving more F/friends next year, we wanted to share some impressions from our current residents:

As a resident student, I’ve relished the diversity of connections I’ve made and inspirational conversations I’ve had – with fellow students, teachers, staff, sojourners, and workshop participants. I’ve delighted in learning practical skills, such as gardening, woodworking, and food preparation from patient and caring staff. The most unexpectedly transformational aspect of my time here has been living alongside the artist in residence, interacting with visiting artists and teachers, and using materials in the art studio to explore questions in spiritually grounded, non-verbal ways.”
~ Janice T.

My experiences as a student in Pendle Hill’s Spring term 2022 have been both spiritually and physically strengthening. I have enjoyed daily worship, walking the beautiful trails around the campus, working in the organic garden and dining room, and learning from our teachers, PH staff, fellow students, and volunteers. It has been a deeply meaningful personal and community experience.”
~ Karen Hooker
Red Cedar Monthly Meeting, Lansing, MI

My time at Pendle Hill has been inspiring and challenging. I have really enjoyed being a part of the Pendle Hill community and participating in the Spring Term opportunities in study, work, and worship. Being on campus during a beautiful spring plus working in the garden has reconnected me with nature. I’ll hold this time close in my heart and spirit.”
~Susan Russell Walters
Homewood Friends Meeting, Baltimore, MD

What I didn’t really appreciate at the time of my application (but do now) is what a profound experience my time in the Resident Student Program would be. I would not know until I arrived and had dug into the place (and the garden!), how highly I would come to regard my fellow students; how influenced I would be by my teachers and the Pendle Hill staff; how much I would enjoy meeting fellow sojourners and workshop attendees. The mix of work, study, and worship speak to me at this time in my life.”
~ Barbara Price Monahan
Washington, DC

After two years of isolation in my San Francisco apartment, being immersed in faith community on a forested campus has startled my spirit and opened my heart to new possibility. Classes on personal leadings and faith-based social justice have been a highlight for me as well as the conversations I’ve had with my fellow students while we work in the garden. Springtime surrounds us here providing a beautiful and wonderfully relentless demonstration of growth and transformation in action.”
~ Jay Jonah Cash

It was a delight to be Friend-in-Residence for the renewed spring resident term, accompanying the Friends who gathered from near and far to create a learning community. In work and play, study, and worship, we grew to know and cherish each other as we participated in each other’s growth and change.”
~ John Meyer