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FAQ on COVID-19 Policy

All guests visiting Pendle Hill are required to provide proof of full vaccination against COVID-19.

The questions and answers below refer to our three different guest-types:

  • Sojourner – someone who comes to Pendle Hill on a personal retreat or as a bed and breakfast guest. Reservations for your room and meals are made individually through phone and e-mail contact with Pendle Hill staff.
  • Education participant – someone who attends a Pendle Hill Education program. Registration typically occurs through the Pendle Hill website. The program has a specific date and theme.
  • Conference guest – someone who attends an event at Pendle Hill that is planned by an organization different from Pendle Hill. Registration occurs through this outside organization.

1. I’m fully vaccinated. How do I submit proof of full vaccination?
To submit proof of vaccination, you will e-mail either a photo or a pdf of your vaccination card.
• If you are a sojourner, this e-mail will go to
• If you are coming as a Pendle Hill Education program participant, e-mail
• If you are coming with a conference group or organization, you are required to e-mail this to your leader or group coordinator.
Please note: all guests of Pendle Hill are required to complete a waiver within 24 hours of coming to campus; this waiver includes an affirmation that proof of either vaccination or a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of planned arrival has been provided by e-mail; therefore, please e-mail this proof before completing the waiver.

2. If I want to return to Pendle Hill later, will I have to re-submit proof of full vaccination?
If you are a sojourner or a Pendle Hill Education program participant, Pendle Hill will note your vaccination status in our secure database, which is kept private to select individuals among the Pendle Hill staff. This information will allow you to return to campus while your vaccination remains valid without having to resubmit proof of vaccination. Conference group participants will submit proof of full vaccination to their group coordinator and may need to submit it each time before returning to Pendle Hill.

3. I’m fully vaccinated. My child (3 years old or younger) is staying with me at Pendle Hill. Am I required to get my child a PCR test?
Children who are 3 years old or younger and coming to Pendle Hill with a fully vaccinated parent are not required to provide negative results of a PCR test. All those who are at least 4 years old and unvaccinated are required to provide negative results of a PCR test taken within 72 hours of coming to Pendle Hill.

4. What do you mean by “fully vaccinated”?
At Pendle Hill at this time, “fully vaccinated” means two weeks past the second shot of an MRNA vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) or two weeks after receiving the single shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

5. I’m eligible for a booster shot – am I required to get that in order to be considered “fully vaccinated” by Pendle Hill?
At this time those who are eligible for booster shots are not required to have them in order to be guests at Pendle Hill.