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This page provides links to additional resources for Pendle Hill conference and workshop attendees. In addition, it compiles all Pendle Hill application forms, documents, flyers, and other promotional materials into one convenient place, sorted by category. All files are in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format unless otherwise indicated.

Conferences & Institutes

Continuing Revolution (Young Adult Friends Conference) Application 2017 (interactive online form)
Visioning and Creating a Moral Economy 2016 (post-conference resource page)
Powerful Faith-Based Organizing for Climate Justice Conference 2016
Beyond Crime and Punishment 2016

ICCET (Institute for Creative Conflict Engagement and Transformation) Application 2016
ICCET What to Expect
EMI (Ending Mass Incarceration and the New Jim Crow) Michelle Alexander Bio
EMI Presenter Bios & Sessions
Continuing Revolution (Young Adult Friends Conference) 2016 (JPEG)
Continuing Revolution (Young Adult Friends Conference) 2015 What to Expect

Certificate Programs

Radical Faithfulness Program (RFP) Application
Radical Faithfulness Program (RFP) Financial Aid Application

Workshops & Lectures

Quakers in the Movies (flyer)
Quakers in the Movies (resource page)
Monotypes: A Conversation with Possibility
From Rage to Redemption: The Power of Forgiveness
Say the Wrong Thing: Strategies of the H.E.A.R.T. for Racial Justice and Authentic Community
Discover the Joy of Creative Alignment
Present in Every Moment: Waking Up to Love and Compassion in Our Lives
Practicing Forgiveness as a Spiritual Discipline
Opening to Serenity
Our Life is Love: A Quaker Wisdom School (For Quakers and Wisdom Seekers of All Faiths)
Getting in Touch with Our Goodness
Mindfulness at Play
Creative Spirits
Journey Toward Wholeness 2016-17
Quakers in the World
A Quaker Refresher

Tendering Body and Soul
Present in Every Moment
Our Life is Love
Living the Compassionate Life
Paths in Prayer
Writing the Children’s Book You Hold in Your Heart
A Language for the Inward Landscape
Arts & Spirituality Series (Jan – May, 2016)
Mapping the Margins: Redefining Allyship and Empowering Difference
The Great Turning:  Becoming Vibrant Elders in Our Emerging World
Waiting on God: An Interfaith Conversation
Face to Face: Early Quaker Encounters with the Bible
Pennsylvania Community Rights Workshop
White Allies in the Fight for Racial Justice: Yesterday and Today
New Years: The Music and Cultural Politics of 20th Century Latin America
Viking Economics: How the Scandinavians Got It Right – and How We Can, Too!

Pamphlets & Books

Pamphlet Submission Guidelines
Pamphlet Style Sheet
Index of Pendle Hill pamphlets (1934-2017)

Project Residencies

Henry J. Cadbury Scholarship Application 2016
Kenneth L. Carroll Scholarship for Biblical and Quaker Studies 2016
Minnie Jane Arts Scholarship 2015
Friend in Residence Application 2015-2017

Hospitality & Conference Services

Resource List (What We Provide & What You Should Bring)
Pendle Hill Food Philosophy
Conference Event Information Sheet (interactive online form)


Make a One-Time or Recurring Donation (interactive online form)
Share Your Story (interactive online form)