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The Spring Term at Pendle Hill

March 1 – May 10, 2023

The Spring Term at Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill 90th Anniversary Poster (c) Ricardo Levins Morales

Do you have a seed to cultivate or a leading to follow? Are you seeking a community in which to share the daily rhythm of worship, learning, and work?

As Pendle Hill lives into the final decade of its first century, we celebrate our rich history as an experiment in spiritual learning community. In a moment when the world feels exhausted, fractured, and depleted, Pendle Hill’s Spring Term offers a greenhouse – a protected space for Friends and other seekers to bring leadings, ideas in their infancy, and other seeds of the “already but not yet” – to nurture these visions into being, through the daily rhythm of study, worship, and work, in community.

The program will combine a series of guided studies centering around Pendle Hill’s three core, interrelated educational themes:

  • Faith and Practice, including religious thought and spiritual practice, practices of spiritual discernment, Quakerism, and Biblical studies;
  • Prophetic Witness and Social Concerns through the practice of community; and
  • Nurturing Creativity through a creative exploration centered in the art studio.

Students will be given space to share with each other the leadings which brought them to Pendle Hill, and will support each other in their development.

The heartbeat of Pendle Hill is our daily Meeting for Worship. Students will be encouraged to join and support this and other spiritual practices.

Each student will take part in caring for the needs of the community, within the areas of hospitality (including housekeeping and the kitchen), buildings and grounds (garden and maintenance), and education (library and the art studio).

In the daily rhythm of study, worship, and work while also enjoying Pendle Hill’s shared meals and beautiful campus, students build a community focused on the integration of action and contemplation, returning to Pendle Hill’s roots as a school for prophetic witness in the world.

You may apply online using this form. With questions about this unique residential experience, please contact

Travel directions to Pendle Hill. Click here to view the flyer.