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Serve & Protect: Who? From What?
The Role of Police in a Free Society

A conference for inspiration, education, networking, and action

Save the dates: May 11-14, 2017

With too many killings of unarmed people of color by police and a citizenry awakened and emboldened by the Black Lives Matter movement, we are led to bring together those concerned about the intersections of some of these questions:

  • How does “implicit bias” color-code our judgments at the unconscious level? And what can all of us do to compensate for what affects all of us?
  • How does the increasing militarization of our police departments affect how police see their role vis à vis the citizenry?
  • What incentives motivate police in their work environment and culture?
  • What tools provide hope for bringing law enforcement into closer alignment with the interests of the people in the communities they serve?

[This page will be updated as more information becomes available.]

Travel directions to Pendle Hill. Click to view the flyer.