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Upcoming Events

Art Journaling: Painting the Life Line

Apr 4, 2020
An Arts & Spirituality Workshop with Nancy Santamaria

Come to learn, reflect and take pleasure in “Art Journaling: Painting the Life Line.” Discover how the meaning of where… Learn More

Poetry Coffeehouse: 04/05/20

Apr 5, 2020
Jesse White

Whether you are a poet with poems to share, or an appreciative listener, you are invited to join us on… Learn More

The Meaning and Challenge of Resurrection

Apr 17-19, 2020
With John Dominic Crossan

From Annunciation to Ascension, all the major events in Jesus’ life are directly described in the Gospels and can thence… Learn More

Open Studio Session: 04/18/20

Apr 18, 2020
Jesse White

Create in Community in our beautiful, light-filled art studio! These are drop-in, self-directed art experiences. A monitor will be present… Learn More

Bless the Night

Apr 24-26, 2020
A weekend workshop with Reverend Rhetta Morgan

What if we danced with the dark as holy? What might open up for us if we could face and… Learn More