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Upcoming Events

Lives of Service

Sep 27-29, 2019
A working retreat weekend with Lloyd Guindon and Bob Denison

Join the Pendle Hill maintenance team for a working weekend of fun, service, fellowship, and celebration as we engage in… Learn More

Women of Color Writing Retreat

Oct 6-10, 2019
A workshop with Melchor Hall

Welcome women of color writers! Writing in fields dominated by white male writers, editors, and publishers can be an exhausting… Learn More

Mindfulness and White Privilege

Oct 11-13, 2019
A seminar with Deborah Cooper and Pamela Freeman

This seminar blends mindfulness practices with an engaged exploration of racial conditioning to help white people practice anti-racism with intention… Learn More

Beyond Diversity 101™ RACE

Oct 22-26, 2019
Dispelling the Myths of White Superiority and the Inferiority of Black and Latinx Peoples

This BD101 workshop offers a space for people to name and transform internalized, interpersonal, and structural patterns of white supremacy,… Learn More

Storywork: Deepening the Presence and Practice of Community Through Story

Oct 25-27, 2019
A weekend workshop with Pádraig Ó Tuama

Where there are people, there is story. Where there is story, there is feeling. Where there is feeling, there is… Learn More