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Pendle Hill thanks our outgoing Board clerk, Clinton Pettus

Clinton_Pettus-175x200Pendle Hill wishes to express heartfelt gratitude to Clinton Pettus for his years of service to Pendle Hill, as a Board member, Board clerk, and as a leader of several education courses and workshops. Clinton joined the Pendle Hill Board in 2007 and served in different roles, including most recently as Clerk from 2010 through 2014. His knowledge, experience, foresight, generosity and skills have greatly benefitted our community and we thank him sincerely for all that he has shared.

A member of Stony Run Monthly Meeting (Baltimore Yearly Meeting), Clinton brings a wealth of experience wherever he goes. Prior to retiring from the American Friends Service Committee as Deputy General Secretary for Programs, Clinton was the President of Cheyney University and a professor and administrator at Virginia State University. He has served several Friends organizations in many ways, and Pendle Hill is grateful that he has brought similar dedication to our community.

Over recent years, Clinton has been very giving with his time and skills, teaching multiple times at Pendle Hill, helping us with outreach through his many networks, leading us to achieve bold aims and always encouraging us to have the highest standards in all our endeavors. He spent countless hours behind the scenes ensuring that we were in good order, on top of his time preparing for and clerking board meetings. We look forward to treating him to our Pendle Hill hospitality, when he arrives for his next visit — hopefully to simply relax and to take a well-deserved retreat.