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Post-Conference Resources

This page is designed to provide links to past Pendle Hill conferences and institutes, with follow-up resources – queries, considerations, related links, further reading, etc. – added as they become available.

Conference attendees in Brinton House's Conlon Room

Working Towards Right Relationship with Indigenous Peoples (Fall 2020)

Continuing Revolution 2020 Online: Transformative Conflict and Justice (Summer 2020)

The Quaker Institute (Winter 2019)

Continuing Revolution: Experimenting Beyond Capitalism (Summer 2019)

The Quaker Institute (Spring-Summer 2019)

What Does Justice Look Like? (Winter 2018)

Within and Without: Liberation Theology at Work in Social Movements (Fall 2018)

Beyond Gender-Based Violence: Justice, Vision, and Accountability at the Intersection (Fall 2018)

Continuing Revolution: Building Intentional Lives (Summer 2018)

Truth and Healing: Quakers Seeking Right Relationship with Indigenous Peoples (Spring 2018)

Social Justice through Economic Resistance (Fall 2017)

Continuing Revolution: Peace & Justice (Summer 2017)

Expanding Democracy in an Age of Polarization and Resistance (Spring 2017)

Visioning and Creating a Moral Economy (Winter 2016)

Powerful Faith-Based Organizing for Climate Justice (Summer 2016)

Continuing Revolution: Integrity as a Radical Act (Summer 2016)

Beyond Crime and Punishment: Fostering Transformative Justice in Community (Spring 2016)

Institute for Creative Conflict Engagement and Transformation (Summer 2015)

Ending Mass Incarceration and the New Jim Crow (Spring 2015)

Post-Conference Resources