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Enlarging Our Circle of Love

By Margaret Fisher

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #440 (August 2016)

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In this compelling exploration of how a first step on a path of faithfulness can begin a lifelong journey, we see how way opens in one Quaker’s life. A disturbing college science experiment leads Margaret Fisher to re-examine her relationship with animal life and to eliminate meat from her diet. Her understanding deepens as she explores the practical and spiritual challenges of living her convictions – in her personal, professional, and family life, and in her spiritual community. Her leading matures into a ministry in which she invites us to widen our circle of love to include all the living world. Discussion questions included.

About the Author(s)

Margaret Fisher is a physician practicing rheumatology in northern Virginia. To raise money for the Student Peace Awards of Fairfax County, she wrote Take Our Advice: A Handbook for Gardening in Northern Virginia, in which she encourages people to create habitat in their yards. She is a member of Baltimore Yearly Meeting’s Working Group on Right Relationship with Animals. Travelling under a minute from Herndon Monthly Meeting, she has been leading discussions on the spiritual nature of a plant-based diet, posing these queries: How does our food connect us to the rest of the living world? How can we live in unity with that world?

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #440