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In Step with Quaker Testimony: Simplicity, Truth, Equality And Peace – Inspired By Margaret Fell’s Writings

By Joanna Godfrey Wood

Paperback: 88 pages
Publisher: Christian Alternative (May 1, 2021)
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Margaret Fell was an inspiring and practical leader in the early Quaker movement in 17th-century England. Remembered as the wife of George Fox, her writings have been largely forgotten. This book brings them to life again, with excerpts and reflections structured around the four testimonies that have continued to shape Quaker witness to this day: Simplicity, Truth, Equality, and Peace. To do this, Joanna Godfrey Wood follows each passage with a modern adaptation of Fell’s words and then explores her own personal responses from a 21st-century perspective. What we are left with is a sense of a strong and beautiful bridge linking past and present.

Part of the publisher’s “Quaker Quicks” series.