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Listening Spirituality, Vol. I: Personal Spiritual Practices Among Friends

By Patricia Loring

Paperback: 206 pages
Publisher: Openings Press (1997)
Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 7 x 0.7 inches
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This is an essential Quaker spiritual formation text, which grew out of workshops that Pat Loring led for Friends for years. In this volume, Loring explores many personal practices which can help to sharpen one’s perception of God. She suggests setting aside time each day for spiritual refreshment, “‘a time of retirement’ from outward concerns and activities, to attend exclusively to the movement of the Spirit.” She explores many possible practices and offers ingredients for Friends to make time for the holy in one’s daily life. She offers a feast from which we can discover a rich daily meal. See also: Listening Spirituality, Vol. II: Corporate Spiritual Practices Among Friends.