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Living the Eternal Promise: A Guide for Individual or Group Reflection and Action

By Colin Saxton

Paperback: 87 pages
Publisher: Friends United Press (December 1, 2016)
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Around the Quaker world, there is a murmuring restlessness and growing hunger for a deeper and more vibrant spiritual experience… to know and be known by that which is truly Eternal; to establish authentic faith communities kindled and animated by the Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit; and to move beyond endless human striving in order to fully partner in the Way of the Living Christ. Thomas Kelly’s The Eternal Promise (a sequel to his much-lauded A Testament of Devotion) is one invitation into this way of life, and this study guide can be used as a starter kit for personal reflection and a launch pad for group discussion.

May these offerings take you deeper into the heart of Christ, enable you to engage one another more fully, and ready you for faithful service.