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On Listening to Another

By Douglas V. Steere

Hardcover: 71 pages
Publisher: Harper & Brothers (1955)
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This is an engaging discussion of the role of the listener in interpersonal conversation as well as in the great dialogue between Man and God. But whether it is titan or God who listens, something passes between the parties which soon transcends mere conversation. What emerges from this book is a full and enlightening description of the creative use of living silence out of which flows a moral action that speaks louder than words. Here the sensitive reader learns of different levels of listening, of what to listen for, of when to speak and when to remain silent, of the inner encounter with the Eternal Listener.

Although most regularly exemplified in the Quaker Meeting for Worship, the insights here revealed are basic to all corporate worship, be it ever so liturgical or evangelical. There are important insights, too, on the source of words, on the ground and spring of a prophetic ministry. It is a book for every person who would learn a deeper experience of God.