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Quaker Artists

By Gary Sandman

Paperback: 287 pages
Publisher: (May 4, 2015)
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Did you know… that Judi Dench, James Michener, and Annie Oakley were Quakers? That Joan Baez, Ben Kingsley, and F. Murray Abraham have all attended Friends Meeting? That Dave Matthews, Bonnie Raitt, and James Dean were raised Quakers?

The second edition of Quaker Artists contains the stories of the above artists and more: 286 reviews in all, a history of Friends, a history of Quaker art, study questions, artist’s queries, 44 reproductions of the artists’ works, 51 illustrations, a bibliography, an alphabetical index, and an artist’s index. The period covered is 1659 to 2015. Friends from 18 different countries are included. Poets, painters, dancers, musicians, films, and 13 other categories are included. (It is three times the size of the first edition!) Quaker Artists is an entertaining and celebratory read in itself but it has other uses, too: as a resource for study groups, a reference for libraries, and a curriculum for First Day Schools.

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