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Welcome Megan Snowe, Pendle Hill’s new Artist-in-Residence!

Megan Snowe, Artist-in-Residence, Spring 2015Megan Snowe joined Pendle Hill in January of this year and will be with us through early April as our first Minnie Jane Artist-in-Residence Scholar for 2015.

Megan will bring a mindfulness towards how our expectations of ourselves influence our expectations of the world. Throughout her residency, Megan will reflect on how to maintain integrity and peace when striving for self-actualization within a society that perpetuates heteronormative, gender-normative, and “success”-normative ideals. She will sit with how it is possible that pacifists might individually develop and grow, using strategies that perpetuate emotionally violent social norms and then subconsciously behave in emotionally violent ways.

Megan intends to explore these themes through her chosen mediums of installation, animation, video, sound, and workshop.

Megan has a BA in Russian Studies & Studio Art from Oberlin College and an MFA in Time & Space Arts from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (Helsinki). She has exhibited throughout Europe, the US, and online and is currently an organizing member of Sorbus Gallery, Helsinki.