Pendle Hill is a Quaker center welcoming all for Spirit-led learning, retreat, and community. Our Vision: To create peace with justice in the world by transforming lives.

The View from Pendle Hill

February 2023

Francisco Burgos, Executive Director

Francisco Burgos, Executive Director

Dear Friends,

As I lie in bed at night in Edgehill on the Pendle Hill campus, I sometimes hear the hoot of the barred owls. The sound is beautiful, both haunting and comforting. If I’m hearing it, it usually means I’m wide awake, turning over in my mind how to keep the whole organization together and moving forward.

As you can imagine, the last 2 ½ years have been very challenging. I often refer to myself as the “Pandemic Executive Director.” Because of the pandemic, I have had at times to make very painful decisions, often affecting staff and their livelihoods. I also know that if these decisions are not made, Pendle Hill will not survive. Read more…

Pendle Hill holds hybrid Meeting for Worship every day, both in person (for staff, sojourners, conference groups, and guests) and online via Zoom (for everyone else). For more information, refer to: