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Scholarships & Residencies

A core component of Pendle Hill’s educational program is providing religious leaders, writers, artists, scholars, theologians, and activists with extended residencies to conduct their creative projects in the context of a spiritual community rooted in a daily rhythm of common meals, work, worship, and contemplation.

We’re thrilled to welcome this season’s Scholars and Friends in Residence.

Some, like Friends-in-Residence, come to deepen and share their insights into the faith and practice of the Quaker movement. They also take on additional work on campus and offer spiritual hospitality to our many students and guests. In exchange, they are given room and board for extended periods of time. Others come for support with their projects from the Education staff and are also provided full access to Swarthmore College’s Library. Several of these educational residents pay our discounted long-term sojourner rates, but some receive partial or full scholarships to support their extended stays on campus while working on projects that meet the criteria of our donors as detailed below.

Scholarship Opportunities

Henry J. Cadbury Scholarship
hjcadburyThis Pendle Hill scholarship has been established as an endowment to support and encourage scholars with serious interest in Quaker faith, practice, or history to work at Pendle Hill on a specific project of significance to the Religious Society of Friends. Henry J. Cadbury, Bible scholar, Quaker historian, and Harvard professor, served Pendle Hill for 52 years as teacher, lecturer, mentor and member of its founding committee. The scholarship which carries his name is intended to preserve and encourage the standards of academic pursuit which Henry J. Cadbury personified.

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Kenneth L. Carroll Scholarship for Biblical and Quaker Studies
This Pendle Hill scholarship has been established as an endowment to support and encourage persons with serious interest in the study of the Bible and Quaker faith and practice. It is hoped that the work resulting from their study will be shared with others as part of encouraging the nurturance and development of Friends Meetings. Kenneth L. Carroll is the former president of the Friends Historical Association in the United States and the Friends Historical Society in the United Kingdom. A convinced Friend (while a graduate student at Duke), he helped found the Dallas (Texas) Friends Meeting in 1952. He was professor of Religious Studies at Southern Methodist University, where he taught for 34 years; is the author of numerous books and articles (some in Swarthmore College’s collection); and was clerk of Third Haven Friends Meeting in Easton, Maryland, U.S.A. He has contributed to the work of the American Friends Service Committee (chairing their SW regional committee), the Friends World Committee for Consultation (where he chaired the nominating committee for the national and international sections), and Friends General Conference (for six years). He traveled widely among Friends (both at home and abroad) for more than 50 years. The scholarship which carries his name is intended to increase interest in and knowledge of Biblical and Quaker thought among Friends.

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Minnie Jane Arts Scholarship
pottery-wheelThis Pendle Hill scholarship has been established as an endowment to support and encourage a Quaker artist pursuing a self-directed creative project in the fine arts, crafts, performing arts, creative writing, music composition, or other artistic pursuit that is compatible with Pendle Hill’s physical facilities. The scholarship was established to honor Minnie Jane, a Quaker artist who founded the Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts, an organization whose mission is to nurture the literary, visual, musical, and performing arts within the Religious Society of Friends, for purposes of Quaker expression, ministry, witness, and outreach.

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Residency Opportunities

Every year, Pendle Hill seeks out a few gifted Friends-in-Residence. Each of these volunteers lives on campus for several months, serves as a public face of Quaker faith and practice, and works hard to help the community fulfill its ministry as a Quaker study, retreat, and conference center. Through the years, we have come to recognize that the greatest gift Friends-in-Residence can offer is their presence: their time, their listening, and their sensitivity to the needs of those around them in a community rooted in the daily rhythm of worship, work, study, and service. This role is nuanced, enriching, and transformative.

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Extended Stays
Individuals seeking time and space to refresh their spirits outside of a scholarship or residency program are invited to explore booking an extended stay as a sojourner.


For more information about these supported residential opportunities and our application procedures, please contact Francisco Burgos at 484-234-4490. Applicants are expected to have reviewed and understood Pendle Hill’s resident scholar policies and expectations prior to accepting any offers of residency. If you are looking for financial support in order to attend one of our Short-Term Education programs, please review and submit our Financial Assistance Application.