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Every single activity Pendle Hill does requires financial support from the community.

We celebrate that people who care for Pendle Hill support us in many different ways; we also ask specifically for financial support to honestly share Pendle Hill’s needs with our dear community. Especially in the context of the challenging broader financial environment, we need your support to build momentum and expand our ministry.

Contributions go directly to work on the campus and in the community to support this 93-year-old “holy experiment.” Gifts are how we:

  • make necessary building repairs,
  • facilitate online Meeting for Worship,
  • maintain our peaceful and inviting grounds,
  • fund education programs and scholarships for their participants.

And most of all, your gift enables us to fulfill our mission to seek peace with justice in the world by transforming lives.

As one former board member recently wrote,

“I was so happy to be at PH last weekend. It made my heart feel good to see and feel that you are all surviving and, I hope, thriving. What a marathon you have been through! These times in our earth’s history are so very difficult and Pendle Hill is needed now and going forward as we commit to a more sustainable model of life on this planet. Blessings to you!”

Please give now, because YOU are Pendle Hill.