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Overnight Accommodations

To book accommodations for your group, please contact the Conference Sales Coordinator at or 610-566-4507 ext. 131.

To make an individual reservation, book your room online.

Whether you’re planning an overnight retreat for 10, or a week-long conference for 80, we’ll work with you to meet your needs.

Guest Buildings

Brinton House: 16 rooms, 21 beds

Double Room – Waysmeet

Main House: 4 rooms, 8 beds

Waysmeet: 5 rooms, 9 beds

Single Room – Firbank

Firbank: 12 rooms, 28 beds

Harding House: 6 rooms, 12 beds

Double Room – Harding House

Chase: 24 rooms, 27 beds

Single Room – Chase


Wheelchair accessible rooms and bathrooms are available in Brinton House, Waysmeet, Harding House, and Chase.

Some rooms come with ensuite bathrooms. Others share family style (not dormitory style) bathrooms that are only a few steps from the bedroom door. Learn more about amenities and other information about your stay.

Portions of Pendle Hill are wheelchair accessible. Please view our accessibility information here.

In the event that the presence of a service animal is requested, Pendle Hill follows the ADA guidelines, which state that a service animal is limited to dogs or miniature horses that are trained to do work or perform tasks for individuals with disabilities. The task(s) performed by the service animal must be directly related to the person’s disability. The service animal must be on a leash, harness, or tether and under the control of the handler at all times. Per ADA guidelines, “comfort” or “emotional support animals” and service-animals-in-training do not meet the definition of a service animal. Pets are also not permitted at Pendle Hill.

Pendle Hill is committed to supporting a safe environment despite COVID-19. For information about all guest requirements and the COVID-19 mitigating amenities Pendle Hill offers, see our COVID-19 Information page.