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The Seed: Conversations for Radical Hope

In Season 2, we’re exploring the Quaker testimony of Integrity. What does it look like to meaningfully live out our deepest spiritual truths with authenticity and grace? Join the conversation wherever you get your podcasts! New episodes released biweekly on Tuesdays.

For almost a century, Pendle Hill has welcomed Quakers and other seekers into our living experiment in spiritual learning community, weaving together themes of faith and practice, prophetic witness, and creative exploration. Today, the podcast invites listeners around the world to join our conversations, exploring together visions of the world growing up through the cracks in our broken systems.

Dwight Dunston, host of Pendle Hill's new podcast, "The Seed."

Dwight Dunston, host of Pendle Hill’s new podcast, “The Seed.”

The podcast’s host, Dwight Dunston, is a West Philly-based facilitator, hip-hop artist, educator, and activist who has brought his creativity, care, and compassion to schools, community centers, retirement homes, festivals, and stadiums all over the country and internationally.

The Seed is now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and all other major podcast platforms. See a full list of platforms here. Subscribe and follow wherever you get your podcasts to get each episode in your library as it’s released.

This project is made possible by the generous support of the Thomas H. & Mary Williams Shoemaker Fund.

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