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The Pendle Hill Board is composed of 14 to 21 people, each of whom serves up to two three-year long terms. At least 75 percent of the Board are members of the Religious Society of Friends. See Current Board Members for more details. The Board aims to be reflective of Pendle Hill’s constituency, including geography, talents and skills, cultural background, theological conviction, age, gender identity, and more. Many Board members are connected to Pendle Hill in some way – perhaps they have come to campus to lead or participate in a program; perhaps they have worshipped, lived, or worked here previously; perhaps they have interacted with Pendle Hill by hosting an event here.

The Board meets at least three times a year, in February, June, and October, and additional meetings may be scheduled during the year as needed, to be attended via phone or video conference call.

The Board has several standing committees, including Advancement, Education, Finance, Governance and Nominating, and Executive. Standing committees typically meet once per month via video or phone conference call, and each committee has the ongoing support of one Pendle Hill staff person. Each committee contains both Board members and at-large members. At-large members are volunteers who bring extra perspective and expertise related to the subject matter. At-large committee members are welcome to attend the public sessions of Board meetings as observers. For more information about each standing committee, see Board Standing Committees.


As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Pendle Hill is supported by the generous contribution of financial and other resources by those who share or resonate with our mission. Pendle Hill recognizes its responsibility to steward its financial resources so that its management of all funds will withstand a high level of scrutiny, instill confidence in funders, and justify future giving decisions that will benefit the organization. Towards that end, we provide transparent access to the following materials:

Board members, standing committees, and previous financials can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Current Board Members

Board Standing Committees

Previous Financial Statements