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What Does Justice Look Like? Moving Towards a Just Peace in Palestine and Israel

Registration Information

To make our What Does Justice Look Like? Moving Towards a Just Peace in Palestine and Israel conference as accessible as possible, we are offering registration at three tier levels: Subsidized Cost, Full Cost, and Cost Plus.

Independent of the cost of lodging at Pendle Hill, we estimate that $400 represents the true cost per person for program, space, staff support, materials, and meals for this conference.

If you choose to stay on campus – and we hope you will – there is an additional cost of $200 for a shared room, and $250 for a private room from Friday through Saturday nights (including 2 continental breakfasts). With few exceptions, guests share bathrooms, which accommodate one person at a time. Most of our beds are twins.

We encourage you to register at or above the Full Cost level if it is within your means. Any amount that you are able to contribute above that amount will help us support additional participants. Decide whether you wish to commute from home or to stay on campus, what kind of accommodations you need and can afford, and then select the level of registration within your means. Below is a table to help you select the most appropriate level.

Commuter: $425 (Cost Plus) | $325 (Full Cost) | $225 (Subsidized Cost)
Shared Room: $525 (Cost Plus) | $425 (Full Cost) | $325 (Subsidized Cost)
Private Room: $575 (Cost Plus) | $475 (Full Cost) | $375 (Subsidized Cost)

If after considering the tiered scale above, you find that your resources don’t allow you to pay at the Subsidized Cost level, please consider applying for scholarship assistance by completing the online Financial Assistance Form.

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If you have additional questions – or need information on group discounts – please contact Lina Blount at 610-566-4507, ext. 122 or via e-mail at

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