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A Quaker Speaks from the Black Experience: The Life and Selected Writings of Barrington Dunbar (1901-1978)

Edited by James A. Fletcher and Carleton Mabee

Paperback: 68 pages
Publisher: New York Yearly Meeting (1979)
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Like many others, Dunbar challenged white Friends to take a more active approach in addressing racism and white supremacy. He asked Friends to show their support for the Black Power Movement even thought its violent rhetoric often felt alienating to pacifist Friends. Although we cannot know what Friend Barrington would have to say about current events, it is easy to imagine him challenging white Friends to support the Black Lives Matter movement today. Barrington was very active in the Religious Society of Friends, and his words are still relevant for Friends (and others) today.” — excerpted from AFSC’s Black Power’s Challenge to Quaker Power (February, 2015)