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Children of Light: In Honor of Rufus M. Jones

Edited by Howard H. Brinton

Hardcover: 416 pages
Publisher: The MacMillan Company (1938)
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Essays on Quaker history written in honor of Rufus M. Jones on the occasion of his 75th birthday.

–Sonnet to Rufus M. Jones, by T. E. Harvey.
–Introduction, by H. H. Brinton.
–William Penn’s Christian Quaker, by H. G. Wood.
–William Penn, Constitution Maker, by F. R. Taylor.
–Personality Types of Two Quaker Leaders, by Catherine C. Miles.
–The Problem of Edward Bryllynge, pt. I. His connection with Cornwall, by L. Violet Holdsworh.
–The Problem of Edward Byllynge, pt. II. His writings and their evidence of his influence on the first constitution of New Jersey, by J. L. Nickalls.
–Hebraica and the Jews in Early Quaker Interest, by H. J. Cadbury.
–Latin Works of Friends, by Anna C. Brinton.
–The Mennonites and the Quakers of Holland, by W. I. Hull.
–Joseph Hewes, the Quaker Signer, by C. F. Jenkins.
–New England Quakers and Military Service in the American Revolution, by A. J. Mekeel.
–Quakerism and Home Life: An Eighteenth Century Study, by Isabel Grubb.
–The Quaker Contribution to the Old Northwest, by Harlow Lindley.
–Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton, bart. (1768-1845): A Footnote to “Elizabeth Fry: Quaker Heroine,” by Janet P. Whitney.
–Timothy Nicholson, Candle of the Lord, by W. C. Woodward.
–Stages in Spiritual Development as Exemplified in Quaker Journals, by Howard H. Brinton.