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Compassionate Listening and Other Writings

By Gene Knudsen Hoffman; edited by Anthony Manousos

Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Friends Bulletin Corporation (January 15, 2003)
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For over twenty years, Gene Hoffman engaged in efforts to seek out the deep, psychological causes of violence and to help bring about healing and reconciliation through a process she named “Compassionate Listening.” This carefully edited collection of her writings sheds light on Gene’s approach to peacemaking and conflict resolution, and invites readers along on a spiritual journey that she aptly calls “a peace pilgrim’s progress to inner healing.”

This first edition was edited by Anthony Manousos, who authored the Pendle Hill pamphlets Spiritual Linkage with Russians: The Story of a Leading (PHP #301) and Living the Peace Testimony: The Legacy of Howard and Anna Brinton (PHP #372).