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Conflict Resolution after the Pandemic: Building Peace, Pursuing Justice

Edited by Richard E. Rubenstein and Solon Simmons

Paperback: 154 pages
Publisher: Routledge (January 9, 2023)
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The pandemic has clearly exacerbated existing social and political conflicts but, as this book argues, its longer-term effects open the door to both further conflict escalation and dramatic new opportunities for building peace. In a series of short essays combining social analysis with informed speculation, the contributors examine the impact of the coronavirus crisis on a wide variety of issues, including nationality, social class, race, gender, ethnicity, and religion. They conclude that the period of the pandemic may well constitute a historic turning point, since the overall impact of the crisis is to destabilize existing social and political systems. Not only does this systemic shakeup produce the possibility of more intense and violent conflicts, but also presents new opportunities for advancing the related causes of social justice and civic peace.

In this edited volume, experts on conflict resolution examine the impact of the crises triggered by the coronavirus and official responses to it. This book will be of great interest to students of peace studies, conflict resolution, public policy, and International Relations.