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Dilemmas for Quakerism in Action

By John A. Sullivan

Paperback: 78 pages
Publisher: American Friends Service Committee (1974)
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“The general title of this [Pendle Hill Lecture] series is “The American Friends Service Committee: Dilemmas for Quakerism in Action.” It is not only in the AFSC, of course, that one will find moral and/or operational dilemmas for Quakerism in action. The AFSC is the part of Quakerism that I know best and therefore I choose it as the backdrop for discussing the dilemmas. But I might choose my own monthly meeting, or Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, or Friends General Conference, or any one of a number of other Quaker bodies… So, remember, that when I get into some of the dilemmas, I might as well be talking about one or more of the other Quaker bodies as about the AFSC.”

~ John Sullivan, from the introduction entitled “Evolutionary Quakerism and the AFSC.”