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Education and the Inward Teacher

By Paul Lacey

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #278 (1988)

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The Inner Light, the Inward Teacher, can be a metaphor for interpreting issues in education.

About the Author(s)

Born in Philadelphia in 1934, Paul A. Lacey joined Philadelphia Yearly Meeting in 1953, having first met Quakers through the American Friends Service Committee’s weekend work camps. He has been active in civil liberties, civil rights, and East-West relations with various Quaker groups, but his professional field is a literary one, as evidenced by his book, The Inner War: Forms and Themes in Recent American Poetry (Fortress Press, 1972). Currently an emeritus Professor of English Literature at Earlham College, he also served as Provost and Acting President of the college. He is married to Margaret Smith Lacey, and they have three children. Paul is traveling as a lecturer and still enjoys respect as a writer on issues of social justice and Friends education. He continues to work as the chair of the AFSC and gives workshops across the Quaker world.

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #278

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