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End-of-Life Reflections (5-pamphlet set)

By Shulamith Clearbridge; Hannah Russell; Warren Ostrom; Bradford Smith; and John Yungblut

Pendle Hill Pamphlets #142, #292, #385, #432, and #479

Price: Original price was: $37.50.Current price is: $30.00.

This Pendle Hill pamphlet set includes the following pamphlets at a special price:

#142, Dear Gift of Life: A Man’s Encounter with Death (Bradford Smith)

#292, On Hallowing One’s Diminishments (John Yungblut)

#385, In God We Die (Warren Ostrom)

#432, A Death Chosen, A Life Given (Hannah Russell)

#479, Plain Talk about Dying: The Spiritual Effects of Taking My Father off Life Support (Shulamith Clearbridge)