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An Experiment in Faith: Quaker Women Transcending Differences

By Margery Post Abbott

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #323 (1995)

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Tells of author’s journey of discovering Evangelical Friends. In the process she comes to terms with a fuller understanding of Quakerism as experienced by others and experiences Gods presence opening her to unexpected depths in her own faith.

About the Author(s)

Margery Post Abbot is a member of Multnomah Monthly Meeting, an unprogrammed Friends meeting in Portland, Oregon. She has been “released” by her meeting to follow a calling of teaching and writing about her faith. Her publications include the anthologies A Walk Worthy of Your Calling: Quakers and the Traveling Ministry (co-edited with Peggy Senger Parsons) and A Certain Kind of Perfection: An Anthology of Evangelical and Liberal Quaker Writers, as well as writings about Quakerism and mysticism among Friends. Her book On Being Broken and Tender: Theological Reflections of a Liberal Friend was published by Quaker Press in 2009.

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #323

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